Line that brings light.
Powering our future.
We are 24 First Nations working together to connect 17 remote communities currently powered by diesel. This is our story.
“This is the first time we can take part in a project of this size and importance. Developing this project will provide our community a sense of pride and self- esteem that we can leverage for other projects.”
- Bill Sainnawap, Big Trout Lake First Nation
“The Wataynikaneyap Transmission Project could save our community lots of money, which we can use for other purposes in our community.”
Jacob Strang, Chief, Poplar Hill First Nation
“The Wataynikaneyap Transmission Project provides a future for our community’s youth.”
Jacob Strang, Chief, Poplar Hill First Nation
“The Wataynikaneyap Transmission Project will unlock economic opportunities in our community and for other First Nations communities in Northern Ontario.”
Mitchell K. Diabo, Kasabonika Lake
“The new houses are sitting empty. They have constructed them and they are just sitting there because the electrical capacity is not there to hook them up.”
Simon Sakakeep, Kingfisher Lake First Nation
“As owners in the project, we want to ensure that our communities get maximum benefit from this very important infrastructure project."
Margaret Kenequanash, Wataynikaneyap Power

Latest Updates

North Caribou Lake First Nation Energized by Wataynikaneyap Power

September 14, 2023

The ‘line that brings light’ connects North Caribou Lake First Nation to the provincial power grid.

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Bearskin Lake First Nation Energized by Wataynikaneyap Power

August 23, 2023

The ‘line that brings light’ connects Bearskin Lake First Nation to the provincial power grid.

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Ontario Energy Board Issues Notice of Hearing 2024

July 19, 2023

Wataynikaneyap Power applied to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) for approval to change its electricity transmission rates and its fixed charge to Hydro One Remote Communities Inc. effective January 1, 2024.

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Our Story

An inspiring project to connect nations together and strengthen local economies.
See the impact this project will have on our communities. Watch this video to see the steps we are taking to make Wataynikaneyap Transmission Project a reality.

Pikangikum Funding

Federal Government announces funding to connect Pikangikum First Nation to Ontario’s Power Grid.
“This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time - the community really needs this” says Chief Dean Owen,

Pikangikum and Wataynikaneyap Project

This is what the future holds.
It’s a first step, but an important step. In August, 2017, the Government of Canada announced a commitment of up to $60 million to build the Pikangikum Distribution Line Project. The plan is to connect Pikangikum First Nation to the power grid before the end of November 2018. Recently, 24 members of the community took part in a skills training program. These will be the first local hires when work begins to extend the grid to Pikangikum.

The project signals the beginning of connecting remote First Nations communities to the power grid. Pikangikum First Nation joined the Wataynikaneyap Transmission Project in 2016. And as Dean Owen, Pikangikum’s Chief says, “within our area here there are 21 other communities that are anxiously waiting to have the same opportunity we are having right now…that’s my hope, to see these other communities shut dirty diesel down and quite polluting our lands.”

Pikangikum Power Line

On December 20 2018, Pikangikum for the first time in its history will be connected to the provincial power grid.
For decades, this community has survived and relied on diesel generators to power their home, their school, their airport until now.

Our Communities

The Wataynikaneyap Transmission Project is bringing grid connection to 17 remote communities. This has numerous benefits to all 24 partner communities leading this project, in partnership with Fortis Inc. and other private investors. Visit your Community Liaison worker to learn how this project will benefit your community.
Bearskin Lake
Cat Lake
Deer Lake
Kasabonika Lake
Kingfisher Lake
Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug
Lac des Mille Lacs
Lac Seul
McDowell Lake
Muskrat Dam
North Caribou Lake
North Spirit Lake
Poplar Hill
Sachigo Lake
Sandy Lake
Slate Falls
Wabigoon Lake
Wunnumin Lake
Ojibway Nation of Saugeen
In Partnership with

Maps & Phases

See where our power will run. Find your community on the map, and learn about the phases this project will go through.
Click here to see maps and project phases

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