The engagement methods and activities are intended to: satisfy engagement requirements of the Class EA process; execute procedural aspects of the Crown's Duty to Consult Aboriginal Peoples; and build positive relationships based on mutual trust and understanding that meet the expectations of Wataynikaneyap, First Nation communities and other Aboriginal organizations.

Wataynikaneyap will implement a variety of engagement methods to facilitate understanding of the Project, the EA process and identification of issues and concerns. Engagement activities include:

  • Notifications
  • Letters
  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Meetings
  • Workshops, Information Sessions
  • Comment, Evaluation Forms

Wherever possible, written and oral communication with First Nations, will be in their preferred language and dialect as identified by each community. Periodic Project update newsletters will be provided in these languages.

The EA process provides proponents with the opportunity to design and implement an engagement approach that fits the needs and protocols of individual Aboriginal communities. Wataynikaneyap is committed to following a joint engagement process designed to incorporate community specific approaches. In that spirit, Wataynikaneyap will engage communities in a manner that respects the individual community protocols and engagement principles of the First Nations.

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Community principle and protocol documents will be considered and integrated into the engagement approach used for each community. Community principles and protocols include:

  • ‍Provide clear direction on community notification, communication, and determination of impacts;
  • Identify desired level of participation in EA scoping;
  • Present key area of interest and consideration for the community;
  • Describe requirements and methods of inclusion of Traditional Knowledge; and
  • Outline accommodation provisions

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