Meaningful and respectful Aboriginal engagement is being undertaken for this Project to build solid relationships with First Nation communities and other Aboriginal groups, and to improve the Project based on their input. Aboriginal engagement is a requirement under the federal and provincial EA processes. Identifying and engaging with First Nation communities and other Aboriginal groups and traditional land-based rights holders early in the process, and developing an Aboriginal Engagement Plan to act as a guidance document for engagement activities, are important steps in the process.

This Plan has been prepared to provide the foundation for an effective Aboriginal engagement program. This Plan will be used to guide the Project team's Aboriginal engagement activities throughout the preparation of the Environmental Study Report.

This Plan is meant to be flexible and describe an over arching engagement approach for multiple First Nation communities and other Aboriginal groups and traditional land-based rights holders. The Plan is considered a dynamic document that will evolve and be updated as necessary for the duration of the Project, under the control of Wataynikaneyap, and according to community specific requirements. Wataynikaneyap will work with individual communities to develop community specific engagement strategies that address their issues and meet their needs. These strategies will include specific engagement methods, resources and protocols as requested by the community. Golder Associates Ltd. has been retained by Wataynikaneyap to provide advisory services throughout the EA process, including support throughout the Aboriginal engagement process. 

Download the Aboriginal Engagement Plan

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